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  1. دارای مدهای کنترل موقعیت ،گشتاور و سرعت
  2. انکودر با رزولوشن بالای 17 بیت(PPR 160,000)
  3. پشتیبانی از ورودی های پالس (Open-collector, line-driver, high speed (4Mbps
  4. امکان کنترل سرعت خارجی(آنالوگ 10V-10V+)و داخلی (با تنظیم پارامتر) و گشتاور
  5. دارای9 ورودی و 6 خروجی دیجیتال قابل تنظیم
  6. دارای توابع محدود کننده سرعت و گشتاور
  7. ضریب گیربکس الکترونیک قابل تنظیم
  8. پشتیبانی از شبکه ASCII/RTU

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To meet the demanding requirements of motion control applications in industrial automation and satisfy the needs of high-precision positioning control requested by machine designers and system integrators, Delta launched the high-performance motion control ASDA-A2 series servo motors and servo drives in 2009.


Implement High Precision Positioning Control

  • *High-resolution encoder with 17-bit (160,000 p/rev) is equipped as a standard feature which satisfies the application needs of high precision positioning control and stable rotation at low speed.
  • *New 17-bit resolution encoder can reduce cogging torque to enhance the precision of the motor.
  • *Outstanding response characteristic:Up to 550KH frequency response and setting time is below 1ms.
  • *۱۰ms acceleration time from-3000r/min to 3000r/min when running without load.
    ASDA-B2 accel decel
    Satisfy a Variety of Demand in the industry
  • *Built-in position , speed and torque three control mode (speed and torque mode can be controlled via internal parameter or analogue command).
  • *High-speed line driver receiver command(4Mpps) is acceptable for high precision positioning control.
  • *Two auto notch filters are provide to suppress the mechanical resonance automatically and make the system operate more smoothly.
  • *Lead friction compensation parameter is specified for the application of circular interpolation , Z-axis motion and ball screw ,etc. so as to reduce the loading of the controller.
  • *For bar feeders and other equipment requiring high torque output, motor protection parameters are offered to ensure that the mechanical system is not easily damaged.
    Offer Easy-To-Install Solution and Wiring for Simple Start-Up
  • *Existing power cables and encoder cables for ASDA series could be used still. When upgrading, there is no need to purchase new accessories.
  • *The control circuit and main power circuit is separated, safety is increased and maintenance is much easier.
  • *۴۰۰W and above servo drive is built-in with regenerative resistor, significantly save the wiring and cost.
  • *Servo motor provides brake, oil seal etc. optional configurations for the requirements of different applications.
  • *Two analog input terminals (CN5) are provided, easily monitor and the status of the servo motor.

Fulfills Easy-TO-Use Requirements For Versatile Operation

  • *Motor sizing software is offered for the customers to conduct the estimation of the equipment conveniently.
  • *ASDA-Soft configuration software (tuning software) is provided for the customers to meet the performance requirements quickly.
  • *Easy-to-use digital keypad is ideal for setting parameters and monitoring the servo drive and motor directly.
  • *Specific software communication cable ASD-CNUSOA08(Optional)for direct connection to PC increases communication quality and convenience of operation.


Precise carving machine, precise lathe/milling machine, double column type machining center, TFT LCD cutting machine, robot arm, IC packaging machine, high-speed packaging machine, CNC processing equipment, injection processing equipment, label inserting machine, food packaging machine, printing

 Model Explanation 

ASDA-B2 Series Servo Drive
ASDA-B2 model type

ECMA Series Servo Motor

ECMA -B2 model type


ASDA-B2 specification

 Product & Accessory

  PRODUCT CODE                   DETAILS


ASD-B2-0421-B                     AC Servo Drive ۴۰۰W 220VAC ۱-phase
ECMA-C20604GS                   AC Servo Motor 400W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm Torque ۱٫۲۷ N.m
ECMA-C20604FS                    AC Servo Motor 400W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm With brake Torque ۱٫۲۷ N.m
ASDBCAEN0005                     Encoder  cable 5m
ASDBCAPW0000                    Power connector for ECMA-C20604GS
ASDBCAPW0100                    Power connector for ECMA-C20604FS


ASD-B2-0721-B                    AC Servo Drive 750W 220VAC ۱-phase
ECMA-C20807GS                  AC Servo Motor 750W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm Torque 2.39 N.m
ECMA-C20807FS                   AC Servo Motor 750W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm With brake Torque 2.39 N.m
ECMA-G21306ES                   AC Servo Motor 750W ۱۷ bit 1000rpm Torque 5.37 N.m
ASDBCAEN0005                    Encoder  cable 5m for ECMA-C20807GS & ECMA-C20807FS
ASDBCAEN1005                    Encoder  cable 5m for ECMA-G21306ES
ASDBCAPW0000                    Power connector for ECMA-C20604GS
ASDBCAPW0000                    Power connector for ECMA-C20604FS
ASD-CAPW1000                     Power connector for ECMA-G21306ES


ASD-B2-1021-B                    AC Servo Drive 1000W 220VAC ۱-phase
ECMA-C21010ES                  AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm Torque 3.18 N.m
ECMA-E21310ES                  AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit 2000rpm Torque 4.77 N.m
ECMA-E21310FS                  AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit 2000rpm With brake Torque 4.77 N.m
ECMA-G21309GS                 AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit 1000rpm Torque 8.59 N.m
ECMA-G21309FS                  AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit 1000rpm With brake Torque 8.59 N.m
ASDBCAEN1005                   Encoder  cable 5m
ASD-CAPW1000                   Power connector


ASD-B2-1521-B                   AC Servo Drive 1500W 220VAC ۱-phase
ECMA-E21315ES                  AC Servo Motor 1500W ۱۷ bit 2000rpm Torque 7.16 N.m
ECMA-E21315FS                  AC Servo Motor 1500W ۱۷ bit 2000rpm With brake Torque 7.16 N.m
ASDBCAEN1005                   Encoder  cable 5m
ASD-CAPW1000                   Power connector


ASDA-B2 user manual manual document datasheet pdf software  یوزر منوال داکیونت دیتاشیت  PROGRAM TRAINING آموزش SOFTWARE TRAINING

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