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  1. دارای مدهای کنترل موقعیت ،گشتاور و سرعت
  2. انکودر با رزولوشن بالای 17 بیت(PPR 160,000)
  3. پشتیبانی از ورودی های پالس (Open-collector, line-driver, high speed (4Mbps
  4. امکان کنترل سرعت خارجی(آنالوگ 10V-10V+)و داخلی (با تنظیم پارامتر) و گشتاور
  5. دارای9 ورودی و 6 خروجی دیجیتال قابل تنظیم
  6. دارای توابع محدود کننده سرعت و گشتاور
  7. ضریب گیربکس الکترونیک قابل تنظیم
  8. پشتیبانی از شبکه ASCII/RTU



To meet the requirements of general-purpose machine tools and enhance the competitive advantage in the industrial automation market, Delta Electronics, Inc. is pleased to announce that the new high-performance and cost-effective ASDA-A2 series servo motors and drives has launched into the market.


There are five models of ASDA-A2 series: ASDA-A2-L, ASDA-A2-M, ASDA-A2-F, ASDA-A2-U, ASDA-A2-E

ASDA-A2 Model

High Precision Control

  • + ECMA series servo motors feature incremental encoder with 20-bit resolution (1,280,000 pulses/revolution). Existing functions to meet the requirements from delicate process have been enhanced. Stable rotation at low speed has also been achieved.
  • + Absolute encoder supported. 17-bit motor position will not get lost when power is cut off.

ASDA-A2 Encoder

High Responsive

  • + Up to 1kHz frequency response.
  • + Settling time below 1ms.
  • + ۷ ms acceleration time for speeds from -3000r/min to 3000r/min with an empty load!
    (Note:The test record of a 400W with 60mm frame size)


Excellent Suppression Functions

  • Built-in automatic low-frequency vibration suppression (for crane control): two vibration suppression filters are provided to minimize the vibration at machine edges automatically and sufficiently.

ASDA-A2 suppression

  • Built-in automatic high-frequency resonance suppression: two auto notch filters are provided to suppress the mechanical resonance automatically.

ASDA-A2 filter

Full-Closed Loop Control Function (Capable of reading second feedback signals)

  • Built-in position feedback interface (CN5) is able to read second feedback signals from motor encoder and send the current position back to the drive to form a full closed-loop so that high accuracy position control can be accomplished.
  • Reduce the effects of mechanical imperfections such as backlash and flexibility to ensure the position precision at machine edges.

ASDA-A2 second encoder

Unique Built-in Electronic Cam (E-CAM)

  • Up to 720 E-CAM points.
  • Smooth interpolation between points can be completed automatically to yield a flexible programming.
  • ASDA-A2-Soft configuration software provides electronic cam (E-CAM) profile editing function.
  • Applicable for rotary cutoff and flying shear applications.


Flexible Internal Position Mode (Pr Mode)

  • ASDA-A2-Soft configuration software provides internal parameter editing function for defining the path of each axis freely.
  • ۶۴ internal position settings are offered for continuous motion control.
  • Destination position, speed and acceleration & deceleration commands could be changed in the middle of operation.
  • ۳۵ kinds of homing modes /Jump mode /Write parameter mode / Constant speed mode / Position control support.

ASDA-A2 PR mode

Features of ASDA-A2-M:

  • CANbus communication speed is 1M bps, in comply with CANopen DS301 standard.
  • ۳ CANmotion modes (Profile Position Mode, Interpolation Position Mode, Homing Mode) are provided for CANopen DS402 standard. Max. length of the communication cable can reach up to 40m (when using standard communication cable).
  • Station configuration can be set via parameter settings.
  • In conjunction with Delta’s PLC, it is able to save the wiring and establish Delta fieldbus system configuration.

ASDA-A2 CAN open


Precise carving machine, precise lathe/milling machine, double column type machining center, TFT LCD cutting machine, robot arm, IC packaging machine, high-speed packaging machine, CNC processing equipment, injection processing equipment, label inserting machine, food packaging machine, printing

 Model Explanation 

ASDA-A2 Series Servo Drive

ASDA-A2 model type

ECMA Series Servo Motor

ECMA -A2 model type

 Electrical Specifications


ASDA-A2 220V specification


ASDA-A2 380V specification

 Product & Accessory

  PRODUCT CODE                   DETAILS


ASD-B2-0421-B                     AC Servo Drive ۴۰۰W 220VAC ۱-phase
ECMA-C20604GS                   AC Servo Motor 400W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm Torque ۱٫۲۷ N.m
ECMA-C20604FS                    AC Servo Motor 400W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm With brake Torque ۱٫۲۷ N.m
ASDBCAEN0005                     Encoder  cable 5m
ASDBCAPW0000                    Power connector for ECMA-C20604GS
ASDBCAPW0100                    Power connector for ECMA-C20604FS


ASD-B2-0721-B                    AC Servo Drive 750W 220VAC ۱-phase
ECMA-C20807GS                  AC Servo Motor 750W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm Torque 2.39 N.m
ECMA-C20807FS                   AC Servo Motor 750W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm With brake Torque 2.39 N.m
ECMA-G21306ES                   AC Servo Motor 750W ۱۷ bit 1000rpm Torque 5.37 N.m
ASDBCAEN0005                    Encoder  cable 5m for ECMA-C20807GS & ECMA-C20807FS
ASDBCAEN1005                    Encoder  cable 5m for ECMA-G21306ES
ASDBCAPW0000                    Power connector for ECMA-C20604GS
ASDBCAPW0000                    Power connector for ECMA-C20604FS
ASD-CAPW1000                     Power connector for ECMA-G21306ES


ASD-B2-1021-B                    AC Servo Drive 1000W 220VAC ۱-phase
ECMA-C21010ES                  AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit ۳۰۰۰rpm Torque 3.18 N.m
ECMA-E21310ES                  AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit 2000rpm Torque 4.77 N.m
ECMA-E21310FS                  AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit 2000rpm With brake Torque 4.77 N.m
ECMA-G21309GS                 AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit 1000rpm Torque 8.59 N.m
ECMA-G21309FS                  AC Servo Motor 1000W ۱۷ bit 1000rpm With brake Torque 8.59 N.m
ASDBCAEN1005                   Encoder  cable 5m
ASD-CAPW1000                   Power connector


ASD-B2-1521-B                   AC Servo Drive 1500W 220VAC ۱-phase
ECMA-E21315ES                  AC Servo Motor 1500W ۱۷ bit 2000rpm Torque 7.16 N.m
ECMA-E21315FS                  AC Servo Motor 1500W ۱۷ bit 2000rpm With brake Torque 7.16 N.m
ASDBCAEN1005                   Encoder  cable 5m
ASD-CAPW1000                   Power connector


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