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DTE series is a multi-channel modular temperature controller, supporting maximum 8 groups of thermocouple/platinum resistance input. The DIN rail installation saves wires, and the controller on each channel can work independently at the same time. DTE offers several output modules (relay, voltage pulse, current output and linear voltage output). The built-in 2-wire RS-485 communication is able to reach baud rate of 115,200bps. In programmable control, DTE is able to set up 64 sets of different temperature and control time. In addition, maximum 7 DTC2000 controllers are extendable to DTE, and DTE supports the synchronous communication protocol and auto ID setup function which DTC series also supports.


Airconditioning system, plastic machinery

  1. PID, ON/OFF, programmable PID or manual control are available.
  2. PID auto-tuning
  3. Programmable control for 8 patterns and 8 steps in each pattern.
  4. ۱۲ modes ready for alarm output
  5. °C or °F for the temperature unit
  6. Built-in RS-485 communication interface which supports Modbus ASCII/RTU and baud rate of up to 115,200bps
  7. Extendable to maximum 7 DTC2000 digital controllers
  8. Supports synchronous communication protocol and auto ID setup function.
  9. Supports various selections of input/output modules, e.g. relay output, voltage pulse output, current output, analog voltage output, parameter display and setup.
  10. Supports CT functions, over-current and off-line alarmTA
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